Across Eberron

Our story so far...
A quick rundown of the Bleewinkle Bunch's exploits.

A carnival has come to town, attracting attention from all over Sharn. Baba and Bleewinkle attempt to make an easy coin where they can, but end up showing up the local strongman, who begins a confrontation. Vaelys, interested by the goings on, watches carefully, while Mahdi examines Vaelys, and her mysterious powers. As a fight breaks out between the group and a number of bouncers, they take to the streets to halt pursuit.

However, once they began to go their separate ways, they encountered a group of thugs beating a man to death, who pleaded for help. After solving the altercation, the group discover the package he died to protect: two books with a note saying to deliver to Marcus at the Red Lady Inn.

However, time was at a premium as the Sharn Watch discovered the adventurers and the bodies of the thugs. Thinking quickly, the group worked together to evade the guards, and make their way to the Red Lady. Once there, they met with Marcus, who was disappointed to find that one of the books he required was not with the package.

Bleewinkle used this as an opportunity to sell Baba’s skills, as well as involve Vaelys (thanks to her skills). Mahdi decided to tag along to further study Vaelys’s unique abilities. However, this was well before they were informed that the book was located in the well defended Morgrave University.

After a few attempts, and the bribing of several people, the Bleewinkle Bunch was able to sneak in to the library after hours and steal the book, replacing it with a clever forgery. Bleewinkle, having been horrified by a professor earlier, stayed at the Red Lady, avoiding the entire conflict altogether.

Upon return of the book to Marcus, the adventurers were informed that the man would be booking passage to Xen’drik to hunt after some unknown treasure. He promised the group more gold and loot if they were to join up as his bodyguards and explorers. After a little mulling over, the four agreed and signed up for his journey, which would set sail in a weeks time.

The four spent the week getting to know each other and exploring much of what Sharn had to offer. Vaelys even made friends with a pirate captain known as Captain Greyweather. However, after riots began to break out in the slums, the Bleewinkle Bunch… avoided conflict altogether. However, soon the riots came to their front door, as shifters in the area began to attack the Red Lady, where they were staying.

The attacks moved outwards from the slums, and after some investigation, the group discovered that the cult known as the Blood of Vol was behind the riots; inciting the shifters to violence, only to have their own soldiers stop the fighting so that they looked like peacekeepers to the Sharn Watch. This revealed a secret that Mahdi was keeping from the group: that he himself was a member of the Blood of Vol. However, the team broke into the cult’s hideout and massacred the conniving soldiers.

After that, the day arrived for the Bunch to depart from Sharn via the Silver Maiden, an upstanding merchant vessel manned by Captain Amelia, a cute young lady that Bleewinkle became quite enamored with. However, once out on the open seas, the ship is attacked by a band of mercenaries from House Lyrandar. On a merchant vessel with no weapons to defend itself, the group was in serious trouble. The day was saved, however, as Captain Greyweather’s ship pulled along side and lent aid to the beleaguered adventurers.

After the altercation, the party demanded answers from Marcus, who remained dodgy of the questions, revealing only that he was, in actuality, Merrix d’Cannith, a noble born mage from House Cannith who ran afoul of the law. Deeply entrenched in Sharn politics, the group decided to ignore the implications and continue on anyway, regardless of what Merrix was searching for in Xen’drik.

Upon arrival on the shores of the continent, the Bleewinkle Bunch is attacked by a wild band of drow. After the clean-up and interrogations, the group comes to realize that Xen’drik is not a friendly place. A short trek leads to Hope’s Edge, a small point of civilization in a dark land. Here, other adventurers brawl in the streets, brag of their latest kills, and back unscrupulous deals in shadowy corners.

Mahdi meets up with two mages who wish to study shadow magic. However, his lineage is not enough to interest them, so they ask him to bring back the head of an Umbragen drow; drow who possess innate ability in shadow magic. Mahdi also had a number of words with a local ruffian, and humiliated the man publicly. Afterwards, when the group had went off to sleep in the inn that night, Mahdi was attacked by the shamed man. Thinking rashly, Mahdi slew the man in the center of the inn.

After being caught and raising an alarm, the group had to gather their belongings quickly and flee into the wilds. There, Merrix introduced them to their new guide: a shifter named Allos. What followed was hours of trekking through the jungle, battling ambushes, out-maneuvering wildlife, and bartering for Allos’s life. Eventually, however, they arrived at the goal, a cavern at the base of a massive ridge of mountains. But no goal is without its barrier, as a large dragon swooped down on the adventurers, shrieking that none could unleash the danger beyond.

Thankfully, the Bleewinkle Bunch paid no heed once more, and struck down the dragon. Actually, it was Bleewinkle himself who provided the killing insult that struck down the massive wyrm. An investigation of the dragon’s lair revealed his studies of the draconic prophecy and a vast hub of intertwining fates that lie beyond the cavern.

After making their way through the cavern, and taking down the horrors of Xoriat, the group emerged in a beautiful vale, with a massive stone structure at its center. However, after exploring the vale, umbragen drow attack the Bunch, in an attempt to bring them back to their tribe alive. Baba would have none of that, however, as he tore the arms off of a protesting drow. After a nasty battle and a subdued surrender, the four warriors are told that they were prophesied to arrive and enter their temple, bringing change to the world.

The drow then escort our heroes to their tribe, where they are questioned as to if they are the true prophesied warriors; the Merciful, the Reckless, the Cunning, and the Uniter. As such they would be tested. Given rooms, the warriors faced their first true tests. Mahdi cunningly arranged for the wives of the local wizard to come to his room, and share with him their husband’s secrets. Baba recklessly demanded to stay with Bleewinkle for the night, not leaving the gnome’s side, who was busy uniting the priests of the village as he wove his tales. Meanwhile, Valeys mercifully fed a small child she was with and told not to feed.

The next day saw the group off to their tests. Baba felled a King Saurus, a massive dinousaur that not even the mightiest of warriors could defeat. Vaelys allowed her opponent to win the match, who benefited more from the victory. Mahdi outplayed his rival, the tribe wizard, who’s wives had assisted the swordmage;. He betrayed the wives, however, by killing the wizard and taking his head for the wizards he’d promised to assist. Finally, it was Bleewinkle who used his allies’ abilities to take down evil creatures that the tribe wrangled for the group.

Given access now to the temple, the adventurers enter to find exactly what Merrix was searching for: a long-lost creation forge. It was, however, overrun with abberations. Merrix asked if the Bunch to perform one more task for him by ridding the depths of the forge of the monsters. After negotiation for a place among nobility, the four heroes plumb the depths with weapons at the ready.

After hacking through a number of the foul creatures, the group stumbled across a sealed gate with a giant’s blade sticking in it. Giant runes on the wall read that those unworthy of a walking in the light could only grasp at the shadows of power. After some thought, Vaelys reached into the sword’s shadow and, using her assassin training, pulled forth a fragment of the giant sword, which shattered thereafter.

At the sword’s destruction, the massive gates opened up to a prison, where a daelkyr was held. With his freedom, he promised to bring destruction back to the land. He turned his gaze then to his presumed rescuers. Vaelys and Bleewinkle thought quickly, pledging loyalty to the alien demon. Mahdi, however, did not agree, and hurled a bolt of lightning from his sword. The daelkyr was quicker, however and struck Mahdi down with a strange poison.

After more discussion, the Bleewinkle Bunch told the daelkyr of their usefulness and their upcoming position as nobility. The daelkyr saw potential and brought Mahdi back to consciousness, gifting him with a strange chitinous arm. With that, the daelkyr left to sow chaos among the drow tribes. Mahdi reacted calmly to his new arm, politely asking Vaelys to saw it off with her new sword.

After some time at the drow village, allowing Mahdi to recuperate, the group set out once more into the jungles of Xen’drik, this time on a journey home. However, on the way back, they’re accosted by twisted creations of the daelkyr… drow who’ve had all the fluids drained from them. In the surprise attack, Allos was torn to shreds by the foul monsters. The Bunch handily disposed of them and continued on their journey back to Hope’s Edge, and from there back to Sharn.

Upon arrival in Sharn, Merrix was cleared of the bounty on his head, thanks to the fancy politics of House Cannith (now having a reason to lend aid, what with discovering a veritable treasure trove of power). The group was duly rewarded with House Kundarak writs and told to prepare for an upcoming ball to induct them into nobility.

Mahdi, however, began to plan something different, hearing the maddening whispers of the Cursed One in his mind. When the group went to collect their pay at a Kundarak bank, Mahdi used his magic to change around several of the numbers, in an attempt to swindle the dwarves out of their gold. Unfortunately, House Kundarak is very meticulous with their security, and caught Mahdi immediately.

After some time in prison, the maddening whispers growing worse and worse by the day, an enterprising Kundarak dwarf agreed to let Mahdi go if he would agree to guard a caravan on a delivery to the Mror Holds. Rather than waste away in a prison cell (mostly due to his assaults on the dwarven guards after the robbery attempt), Mahdi signed up with the caravan, bringing the rest of the Bleewinkle Bunch with him.

When it came time for the ball, however, Mahdi never showed up, choosing instead to walk the streets searching for some cure for his strange affliction. While the rest of the party hobnobbed with the upper crust of society and became true nobles of Sharn, Mahdi defied the demon that supposedly infested him.

As the night drew to a close, Mahdi whispered under his breath, “Well, demon, now that I’m not a noble, I’m of no use to you.” Mahdi’s only response was a chuckle of agreement as his body spasmed and contorted. His bones broke and his veins popped as he collapsed in a heap. Fortunately, his was tended to by some halflings from House Jorasco.

Not long later, House Kundarak came to collect its debt from Mahdi, as they collected up the Bunch to protect them on their journey to the Mror Holds. However, as Shayld Kundarak said, the group would have to take a dangerous venture through the Mournland. It is cheaper, in his defense! Anyway, the detour requires the aid of another adventurer: Cyndre, a deva wizard who has some familiarity with the pitfalls and traps of the Mournland.

As the group leaves Sharn via lightning rail, Bleewinkle can’t help but notice the bizarre number of people aboard the train, given the early time of day. Once the lightning rail has made it’s way into the Breland countryside, the passengers on-board reveal themselves to be agents of the Emerald Claw and attack the Bleewinkle Bunch. Annoyed, the adventurers smash through the mercenaries handily. Baba even takes the time to fight off an entire squad of the soldiers himself, hurling the men from the moving train and burning them to a crisp with his acidic breath.

After saving hostages, defeating ambushes, and even stopping a summoned demon, the group arrives at the head of the train, where the conductor is being held hostage by a lone Emerald Claw. Bleewinkle and Baba manage to convince the cultist to give up the idea and talk him down. Meanwhile, Vaelys has been hearing the voice of her sword calling out to her…

Arrival later that day in Wroat needed some explanation, as the heroes left a lightning rail covered in blood. House Orien did their best to cover up the mess, but word soon spread of the warriors. Meanwhile, Shayld arranged for the group to stay at the Mourning Maiden, a run-down inn haunted by a wailing spectre. The innkeeper promises free rooms if the Bunch can rid his inn of her presence. After interrogating the ghost about her sorrow, the group decides… find another inn.

Upon arrival in the King’s Pig inn, Baba and Bleewinkle discovered a special half-off price for adventurers. Unfortunately, the bartender was doubtful of their previous exploits, citing that their names needed to be known locally. Bleewinkle goes to spread the word of the Bunch, while Baba acts as protection. Meanwhile, Cyndre examines the tomb that the ghost spoke of, where the spectre’s love is interred. However, upon seeing it filled with undead, she fled, seeking the aid of the motley heroes.

After Mahdi attempted to murder another innocent man, the group eventually met up once more and plumbed the depths of the tomb. Unfortunately, they met severe resistance in the form of dangerous undead worms and poltergeists. Baba single-handled fought back the ghosts, while the rest fought the worms, in the streets of the city, no less. In a hard-fought battle, the heroes prevail, and Wroat saw them for the heroes they truly are.

Return to the King’s Pig was triumphant, as they put off exploring the rest of the tomb for another day. They were treated as heroes of the town, and given free rooms and meals, to which the took great advantage of. Vaelys, in the meantime, communicated with her sword directly to find that it held not much love for her or her demonic heritage.


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