Across Eberron

Fabric of prophesy continues to unravel around these 5 heroes.

The Draconic prophesy continued to be discovered all over Eberron, by scholars and barbarians alike. Mortals with their filthy hands damaging, tearing, wounding the prophesy with their reckless ways. Every errant step, every sidelong glance wove a new line for the Great Prophesy.

Orlin rubbed his sore eyes. Age was finally catching up with him, and he didn’t know how much longer he could last. He returned to his work at his desk, a massive pile of manuscripts; reports brought back from the depths of Xen’drik.

“Five.” He repeated the word as if it could bring down the tower he stood in. “It keeps mentioning the ‘five.’ How could this happen?” He poured over the parchment once more. “War follows in their footsteps, death bars their passage, and yet they may be the only ones to stop the damage they have wrought.”

He paused again to stare out the window. The clouds were beginning to darken once more.


Across Eberron